My name is Tudor Girba

My name is Tudor Gîrba. People call me Doru. I am a Romanian living in Switzerland. I attained my PhD in 2005 from the University of Berne. I build tools and techniques for improving the productivity and happiness of software teams. I currently work as software assessment consultant through

In 2014 I received the Dahl-Nygaard Junior Award for my work on modeling and visualization of evolution and interplay of large numbers of objects.

I blog

  • New 'storytelling in a technical world’ course
    29 July 201510:58:55 pm by Tudor Girba
    Our technical world is governed by facts. Specifications and technical details are kings and Excel files are their palace. This overexposure to facts makes us perceive the world in quantifiable and ty...
  • New 'Steering agile architecture' course
    28 July 201510:50:33 pm by Tudor Girba
    Humane assessment is a versatile and generic method. That is both a strength and a weakness. The strength is that it can be applied in many situations. The weakness is that it is perceived to be too d...
  • Talk on "Steering agile architecture" at Agile Breakfast Luzern on July 16, 2015
    1 July 20151:12:39 pm by Tudor Girba
    On July 16, I will give a talk at Agile Breakfast Luzern on Steering agile architecture. Here is the abstract: "Emerge your architecture" goes the agile mantra. That’s great. Developers get empowered...

I develop the humane assessment method, and the demo driven innovation method, and I currently help companies to manage large systems and data sets.

I build

I build projects. Among others, I lead the work on the Moose platform for software and data analysis, and on the Glamorous Toolkit, and I am a board member of Pharo.

I simply love teaching and presenting.

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